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Remember the good old times when we eat yellow corn with sprinkled salt or melted butter. Consumption of yellow corn is worldwide, and they all eat it in their own respective and traditional ways. The nature of corn is versatile as the whole corn plant can be used for various purposes. With the husk, you can make tamales, kernels for food, the stalk is used to feed livestock, and silk is used to prepare medicine tea. Corn can be found in processed food such as tortilla chips, tortillas, corn oil, popcorn, etc. The miniatures of corn are known as baby corn which is used in several recipes such as soup, appetizers, chowders, stir fry, etc.

Uses of Yellow Corn

Yellow corn is used to process food such as tortilla, popcorn, chips, etc. Moreover, it adds in various recipes to prepare a delighted dish.

Benefits of Yellow Corn

It promotes the health of your eye.

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