Organic Products

All our agricultural products are farmed and grown organically

Sustainable Business

We encourage sustainable sourcing methods in fishing, farming etc.

Modern Business

Take advantage of cutting edge technology in business and be at an advantage.

Take your business to the next level with GLOBAL GRAINS & FOODS LIMITED.

GLOBAL GRAINS & FOODS LIMITED was established in 2011 and since then, we are a trading company with operations which comprises manufacturing, supplying, import & export of a comprehensive range of products. From these years, we have collected a handful of experience in the multiple sectors of dealing. As an authorized company, we own our manufacturing plant where we manufacture products like edible oils, milk powderetc. On the other hand, in the sector of supplying and import & export, we are dealing in products like dry fruits, grains & seeds, energy drinks, sodas etc. From eatables to grains to timber, we deal with multiple products along with various brands. Our services can be rendered in several places like retail stores, restaurants, cafes, shopping departments, small business, household purpose, etc.


Years Experience

We've seen Global trade evolve. With our experience, trust us, there's no issue we've not seen or handled before.



We have representatives in over 23 countries world wide and the number keeps growing. Make use of our global presence.


Winning Awards

Awarded and recommended by business insider journals and redacteurs, we pride ourselves in the recognition we get.

Our Services

This is why we standout when it comes to Global trade.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our facilities are built with state of the art technology, making it possible for us to offer you the best at all times

Inclusive Trade

We supply and trade with business partners globally, irrespective of currency, quantity or distance. We've got you.

Extensive Catalogue

Our wide range of products will make sure you find whatever your business needs right here with us. We're your one stop shop.

Research & Analysis

We have a dedicated team studying market prices to bring you quality products at the most competitive prices. We're simply the best.


Through our frequent seminars and social media outreach, our niche has grown and we'll connect you to numerous global partners.

Stock Availability

Our manufacturing and sourcing expertise has made it possible for us to bring you the best quality products constantly.

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